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You will find information about the way our Ombudsman and Complaints Channel work, plus contacts.


What is the channel for?

To provide clear and precise information to clients/users regarding products and services, and to ensure clients/users that their claims will be investigated independently, impartially, and promptly to improve the quality of the service provided by Rabobank Brazil.

Ombudsman’s Service Channels

As a result of COVID-19 contingency measures, the ombudsman is only available by e-mail

Email: Telephone: 0800 703 7016 (toll free) Mail: Av. Das Nações Unidas, 12.995 – 7º andar – Brooklin – SP – CEP: 04578-000.

Clients/users must provide their name, individual tax number, contact details (telephone and e-mail) and the reason they are using this channel.


Client/user services and the ombudsman Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

How does Banco Rabobank International Brazil's Ombudsman work?

The Ombudsman impartially defends the rights and interests of Rabobank Brasil clients/users, including the mediation of conflicts. The Ombudsman is responsible for receiving, registering, analyzing, instructing and responding to queries, suggestions, complaints and criticisms from clients/users about activities related to the products and services provided by Rabobank Brasil which have not been satisfactorily resolved by the bank's usual service channels.

When contacting the Ombudsman, the client/user will get a service protocol number to monitor the progress of their request. The Ombudsman responds within ten working days, accompanying the specific areas until the end, and suggesting ways to improve routines and work processes.


Available in Portuguese at the Portuguese website.

Complaints Channel

Complaints Channel

The reporting channel is available below (access code: 70845), or on 0800-8919678 (access code: 70845).

Trusted People

Available from Monday to Friday from 8h to17h

Carolina Oliveira
Phone: +55 11 3940- 4196

Aline de Freitas Martins
Phone: +55 11 3940- 6576

Complaints Channel
What is the Complaints Channel for?

The Complaints Channel is made available for employees, clients, users, partners, or suppliers to report any illicit occurrences related to the bank’s activities without identifying themselves.

How does the Complaints Channel work?

The attendant protects the information provided, evaluates it and forwards any complaints made to be resolved, strictly observing the legal provisions related to confidentiality.