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About Wholesale

The Wholesale Banking division serves large and medium-sized companies operating in any link in the Food and Agribusiness (Food & Agri) chain, from planting, farming, trading, packaging, and logistics to export or retail availability. We support and deliver a wide range of financial solutions, global coverage industry analysis, and expert advice for our clients' businesses, in addition to supporting clients both in managing market risks (commodities, interest rate, and currencies) and to optimizing the management of their balance sheets through structured debt issues for distribution in the capital market.

Long-term partnership

With over 120 years of experience in the sector and for over 30 years in Brazil, Rabobank appreciates long-term partnerships. It has become a solid bank with the best credit rating in the market (Rock Solid Bank) and proven industry expertise, which today enables us to anticipate our customers’ needs and support them by providing them with several solutions.

Among the leading F&A segments are animal protein, grains, and oilseeds, agricultural inputs, sugar and ethanol, beverages, consumer food, dairy products, agricultural supply chains, fruit and vegetables, among others.

We are cultivating a better world together

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A sustainable bank with a long-term commitment

We believe that building lasting relationships and having close contact with our 150 corporate clients benefits everyone

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A vast network of experts

Corporate clients can count on sector reports and analysis from our global team specialized in economics and agribusiness


Committed to growing a better world together

Our goal is to encourage ESG strategies and solutions, creating a positive impact for your company and society