Rabobank is a cooperative bank with a mission. For 125 years, we have been dedicated to working with our customers, members and partners to create a future-proof society that can overcome important social challenges. Our starting point has always been that together we can achieve more than we can alone.

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Future-proof living, housing and business, with enough nutritious food for everyone: that is what we want to help facilitate. As a cooperative bank, we have integrated sustainability into our business operations. Through our inclusive approach, we aim to help clients and stakeholders gradually become more sustainable. To enable this, we use our financial solutions, knowledge and access to networks.


As a cooperative bank founded by farmers, Rabobank is rooted in society. We want to make a substantial contribution to solving the global food challenge: feeding a growing population long into the future. We also work to foster well-being and prosperity in the Netherlands. In order to achieve these goals, we focus on supporting our clients, their communities and the world around them. We do this using our knowledge, networks and financial solutions.


Banking for Food

Rabobank began as a movement of cooperative banks founded by Dutch farmers. More than a century later, food and agriculture (F&A) remains our core international business. We envision a food system that meets rising demand for affordable, nutritious food. One that respects producer livelihoods and the planet. We call it the Banking for Food Strategy.

Managing Board

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Stefaan Decraene

Chair Managing Board Rabobank


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Member of the Managing Board

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Member of the Managing Board

Alexander Zwart

Member of the Managing Board

Mariëlle Lichtenberg

Member of the Managing Board

Vicent Maagdenberg

Member of the Managing Board


Rabobank has been investing in the food and agriculture industries for over 100 years, and new challenges are arising from increased demand for food, changing consumer preferences and the need for sustainable food production to feed the world’s population by 2050. We want to help spur innovative and technology solutions that will help address the world’s food challenges through our various innovative platforms.

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