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A bank is for people. This is a principle that is contained in Rabobank’s roots. Our history began well over a century ago. We were founded in rural communities by regular people for regular people, as a cooperative.

Today we have hundreds of members in the Netherlands, but we also operate in several parts of the world, in 38 countries. We have an extensive, global network that allows us to do more for our clients from a global perspective.

Naturally, with this local and, at the same time, global operation comes responsibility. This is why as a bank we have a commitment to sustainability, to the businesses, and to society. We adopt a long-term vision and our focus is on the creation of sustainable values for our clients, our employees, and ourselves.

We are a bank of the people, for the people, run by the people. We know that Rabobank’s success in its long history lies in the people who work at it. They uphold the cooperative principles from our founding through lasting partnerships and commitment to the viability and sustainability of agriculture around the world in the long term.

Working at Rabobank

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