Our social impact

Our social impact

Our mission as a bank with cooperative origins is to create value for the society and local communities we operate in, contributing to the region's social development and promoting debates that raise awareness and lead to transformation. Some of our initiatives follow below:

Combating food waste

As an agro bank with cooperative roots, we are committed to helping feed people in a sustainable, waste-free way. So, we have been partnering with the NGO Banco de Alimentos (Food Bank) since 2017. Tackling waste is a mission that can change the lives of so many families. We believe that together we can grow a better world.

LIFT Initiative

Rabobank is one of the sponsors of the LIFT project, which was conceived by Goldman Sachs, Linklaters, and the Alumni Association, offering free English courses, monthly workshops, and mentoring for 96 students in socially vulnerable situations. The initiative aims to empower and qualify young people, using a second language as a tool for social mobility.

Educational documentaries

Rabobank is proud to sponsor documentaries that encourage sustainability. The film Culture of Waste promotes discussions on behavioral change leading to conscientious consumption. The Field and Sustainability shows issues in food production and how good practices in the field are essential to the planet's sustainable development.

Local community action

We support the Portraits of the Earth project, which awakens reflection on the food chain, using art and photography as forms of expression. The initiative offers workshops for young people, exhibitions of photographs, and books for the communities where Rabobank operates. This initiative has taken in more than 15 cities in Brazil.

In addition to cultural projects, Rabobank holds road races via the Federal Sports Incentive Law, promoting health and well-being for the community. At the events, we encourage donations of non-perishable food that benefits hundreds of underprivileged children.