Rabobank Brazil uses cookies and similar techniques to make the website work properly and safely. Did you know that there are different cookies which are used for different purposes? We only make use of very limited cookies which relate to website functioning and anonymous analytics. In our Cookie Statement, we outline how and why we use cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that our website or app stores on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. With this we collect information about your website visit or about the computer, tablet or smartphone that you use.

The cookies which we use are only to enable proper (and convenient) functioning of the website or to collect anonymous statistics (meaning that you are not identified).

How do I set my cookies?

On our website we do not use cookies which require consent, therefore you are not able to manage your cookie consent preferences via our website. However, if you would like to remove the cookies which we place (remember these cookies are only to enable proper & convenient functioning of our website and to collect anonymous statistics) you can do this via your browser.

Cookie settings

We only make use of necessary and analytical cookies. These cookies are necessary to safely use internet. With the help of cookies we can also map anonymous click behavior, for example how many users visited our website. We always place the following cookies:


Rabo CS

Retention period: 6 months

This cookie keeps track of the number of logged-in customers so we can distinguish between numbers of visitors and customers.

RABO_visitor and RABO_bezoeker

Retention period: 6 months

We use this cookie to keep track of what happens on our website, e.g. through which pages and in what timescale visitors reach their goal. This is required in order to improve the quality of our website. You will thereby remain anonymous.


Retention period: 1 day

This cookie ensures that the retention period for your cookie preference is maintained. The retention period is reset with each new visit, so that you do not see the cookie banner unnecessarily often on the website.

_ga, _gid, _utm

Retention period: 1 year

These cookies are from Google. They enable us to track visitor statistics and link browsing behavior on different devices. We also use the _ga cookie to perform analytics on the various websites associated with Rabobank. We use these analytics to improve our websites.

QPRD or XPRD, and x12, browserInfo or RABOXSRFP

Retention period: until you close the browser or Rabo App.

These cookies are required for secure use of Rabo Online Banking and the Rabo App.

RaboTS or TS

Retention period: until you close the browser or Rabo App.

This cookie ensures the technical functioning of certain parts of the website, such as the web forms.


Retention period: until you close the browser or Rabo App.

We use these cookies to distribute traffic across Rabobank's various computer systems.


Retention period: until you close the browser or Rabo App.

We use this cookie to link the various requests you make to the website, such as requesting the next page, to one another. Each new visit to the website is given a new, randomly determined, number.


Retention period: until you close the browser or Rabo App.

We use this cookie to remember that you have chosen the option 'Read more about cookies'. During the same visit you will then not be asked repeatedly whether you accept cookies.

Utag and utag_main

Retention period: 1 year

This cookie is used by our tag management system Tealium. This enables us to use functionalities from partners, such as visitor statistics from Google Analytics and feedback functionalities. Your web address is automatically made unrecognizable. No traceable personal data is therefore stored.

A cookie checker may also show TIQCDN. That is not a cookie. TIQCDN is Tealium's computer that calls the tag manager.


Retention period: 6 months

This cookie is used by Google to remember preferences for each page, such about the language or the number of search results per page.


Retention period: 5 years

We use this cookie to store your preferred language.

Cookies from other parties

Sometimes you will see cookies that have nothing to do with Rabobank. For example, Mindspark is a common cookie that you'll see when you use this company's toolbars or extensions. These types of cookies are usually placed because you have downloaded free software. The way to delete these cookies differs for each cookie, as does the cookie’s retention period.

Tip: Use a search engine to find tips on these cookies and how to remove them.