Cookies help to make the website work properly and securely. Cookies also enable us to better inform you, e.g. about relevant products and services. Did you know that there are different types of cookies? And do you know what they are used for? Allow us to explain. You can also read more about other technologies, such as Local Storage, on this page.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that our website or the Rabo App stores on your computer, tablet or smartphone. We use them to collect information about your website visit or about the computer, tablet or smartphone that you are using. We also store this information.

Thanks to cookies, you don't have to enter the same information every time you visit the website, for example.

Why does Rabobank place cookies?

Some cookies are necessary and are always placed, for example to enable online banking and use of the Rabo App. You always decide which cookies you want to give permission for.

We also use cookies to analyze your internet behavior on our website. If you choose ‘Complete’, we can share this information with other companies we work with. We use your personal data to create a profile. This is how we recognize you the next time you visit our website or the Rabo App, and we make your visit more personal by showing you relevant information. If you choose 'Complete', we can also make our advertising more relevant and personal outside of our website and the Rabo App. In addition, 'Complete' allows you to watch supporting videos on our website, amongst other things.

Your privacy is important to us; we don't sell your data.

Read more about how we handle your privacy


_ga, _gid, _utm
Retention period: 1 year
These cookies are from Google. They enable us to track visitor statistics and link browsing behavior on different devices. We also use the _ga cookie to perform analytics on the various websites associated with Rabobank, such as We use these analytics to improve our websites. No identifiable personal information is collected.

Retention period: until you close the browser or Rabo App.
We use these cookies to distribute traffic across Rabobank's various computer systems and there is no collection of personal data in the process.

Retention period: 6 months - reset with each request
We use this cookie to store the choice of which cookie preference you want to apply. This cookie setting is stored at profile level without personal data collection. Resetting the retention period prevents you from seeing the cookie banner very frequently.

Utag and utag_main
Retention period: 1 year
This cookie is used by our tag management system Tealium. This enables us to use functionalities from partners, such as visitor statistics from Google Analytics and feedback functionalities. Your web address is automatically made unrecognizable. No traceable personal data is therefore stored.

A cookie checker may also show TIQCDN. That is not a cookie. TIQCDN is Tealium's computer that calls the tag manager.

Local Storage

We use HTML5 Local Storage to store data. This works much the same as cookies. That's why we’ve included an explanation here.

With Local Storage, you decide how long the browser or your device retains the data. This depends on your browser or device settings and/or how often you clear the history.

This data is placed in your Local Storage