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In short

Rabobank is a cooperative bank built on the belief that together we achieve more than we do alone. For 125 years, we have worked together with our customers and members to help them realize their ambitions and have a positive influence on society. With roots in the Netherlands, today Rabobank is a leading financier of the food and agriculture industry around the globe.

Our mission

Driven by our mission “Growing a better world together,” we seek solutions that benefit our customers, society and the world around us. This cooperative mentality is at the heart of everything we do. Whether we are developing new financial products, sharing our knowledge, or tapping into our network to confront shared challenges.

We focus on three global transitions

Our climate is changing. Demand for food is increasing. And inequality continues to put a strain on society and our communities. Around the world, consumers and businesses face the growing need to live and work more sustainably. That’s why we embrace innovation and team up with our customers and partners to address important social, economic and environmental issues.

In particular, we focus on three key transitions where we can make a meaningful difference: the sustainable food and energy transitions, plus the transition to a more inclusive society where everyone can pursue their ambitions. Finding cooperative solutions to today’s central challenges makes us tick, whether we are serving agribusiness clients from New Zealand to Brazil, or private banking customers in the Netherlands.

Rabobank in figures

38 countries

Where Rabobank has a presence

€ 105.4 billion

Loans to the Food & Agri sector worldwide

€ 52.3 billion

Sustainable finance


The story of Rabobank

Rabobank got its start in the 1890s as group of small banking cooperatives founded by Dutch farmers. By pooling resources and working together, these farmers found a way to finance their businesses and strengthen their rural communities. Rabobank has since grown to operate in 38 countries with more than 43,000 employees. Yet we are still guided by the entrepreneurial spirit and cooperative principles of our founders. Today Rabobank remains true to its agricultural origins as the world’s premier lender to the food and agricultural industry worldwide, with clients at every step in the food value chain. In the Netherlands, Rabobank has grown into a cooperative bank providing a wide range of financial products for private and business customers.

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