Solutions for your business

Our finance options offer the flexibility required for any situation. We seek to understand the needs of each business to present diversified financial solutions, considering each stage of the production cycle.

Crop costs

The costing lines offered finance your crops, from planting to harvesting, including costs on labor, preparing the land, seeds, and even inputs and maintenance.


These lines finance stocks of the product harvested (grains or seeds) to be sold in the off-season.

Working capital

We have long-term finance lines that allow farmers to improve their liquidity, enabling them to rebuild investment cash flow.

Investments (machinery, equipment, infrastructure)

These are lines that finance investment that materially increases revenue for farmers or materially reduces costs. Examples of such investment are: farm purchases, building of silos, irrigation, machinery acquisition, and so on.

Investment in social and environmental practices

Rabobank, through programs offered by Brazil’s state-owned development bank, BNDES, provides different products that help farmers with permanent compliance with environmental and labor legislation, as well as the adoption of best social and environmental practices.

Foreign Exchange Hedging 

We offer currency protection solutions to help manage currency exchange variations. To this end, we help find the most appropriate hedging instrument among those we offer, to attend to your protection needs.


We are able to understand your business, offering, in addition to financial products, consulting services designed to create tools with which to manage your organization and to carry out structured financial planning for your business.

Structuring of Loans

Rabobank can help identify the best way to finance your strategy through structuring lines for working capital and long-term investments.