Wholesale Banking

Serves large and medium-sized companies with financial services for the corporate market in the food and agribusiness sectors, among others. These are customized financial solutions that have a lasting impact on our clients’ businesses.

We are financial partner with a range of processors, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, food retailers, and other companies operating across the food and agribusiness industry in Brazil and many other countries.
Over the years we have built long-term relationships with these clients, allowing us to get close to them and to anticipate their needs, helping them achieve their targets. Thanks to our international reach, we can also offer the corporate market a range of products and services, such as:

Financial solutions:

• Export Finance
• Import Finance
• Working capital
• Credit letters
• BNDES funding
• Acquisition finance
• Bridge loans
• Others.

International Desk

As a Dutch institution operating internationally, we know that our business crosses national borders. This is why Rabobank helps Dutch corporate clients achieve their international ambitions. Hence, we have international offices to serve Dutch partners abroad, including in Brazil, intermediating financial solutions.

Rabobank offers a wide-range of international services for Dutch corporate clients. Irrespective of your sector or area, Rabobank seeks solutions that help your international business. 
If your company is a small, medium or large –sized Dutch multinational, Rabobank wants to be your partner when you do business outside the Netherlands. It does not matter your size, sector or need, our aim is to collaborate with Dutch companies in their international expansion and success.

Trade & Commodity Finance

The Trade & Commodity Finance area brings together Rabobank’s extensive knowledge in the agricultural and foreign trade sectors, as well as in financial operations in the energy and metals sectors.
In-depth knowledge of the products, allied to a global network, allows us to provide the proper support for your international trade transactions. We have specialized products that serve our clients’ individual and diverse needs.

Why Rabobank?

Knowledge of agribusiness

More than 80 analysts in 12 countries, dedicated to research and monitoring the main segments in the food and agro-industrial sectors

Food & Agribusiness Research (FAR) research analysts provide our clients with a vision of the local and global market, keeping them up to date on the latest market trends and perspectives.

Food chain

In addition, Rabobank combines specialized knowledge with a globalized team to offer our clients the best services. Managers and specialists focus their efforts on the agricultural sector, sharing market intelligence with our clients.

Global vision and support

Understanding the agribusiness chain from a global perspective

Rabobank is committed to providing financial and strategic solutions for the entire food and agribusiness chain. Its in-depth local and global knowledge of this chain allows us to create value for our clients in a sustainable and long-term manner.
This integrated and global vision of the chain gives Rabobank’s clients a differentiated perspective of the opportunities in the sector.

Building long-term partnerships

Financial solutions are always customized, having a lasting impact on clients’ businesses

Rabobank Brasil’s aim is to promote its clients’ sustainable growth through long-term partnerships, offering support in the creation of a solid and competitive business. Its global perspective, allied to local relationships, allows us to create lasting ties with our clients, helping their strategies succeed.