Global Financial Markets

Providing solutions on the global financial markets

Our Global Financial Markets team specializes in solutions on local and international financial markets, focusing its operations on risk management - credit, interest rates, currency, and commodities - and in the optimization and management of balance sheets and investments for our clients in the food and agribusiness sectors.
Located in the world's major financial centers - such as New York, São Paulo, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Utrecht, in the Netherlands - our professionals provide a high level of expertise on the financial market. We make use of our global network and ability to create sophisticated solutions to provide products and services focused on the needs of our clients and which deliver real value.
Our long-term relationship approach also gives us a deep understanding of our clients' business and financial needs. This enables us to make highly informed decisions about the right products and services to help clients capitalize on market opportunities.
Being the largest bank focusing on the food and agribusiness sectors in the world, the Global Financial Markets team provides a wide range of products for our clients in these sectors, both in the corporate and rural segments. 

Learn about our financial solutions:

Sales Desk 
The Sales Desk provides clients with a range of financial market solutions, including:
• Foreign exchange operations 
• Hedging of currency risk or interest rate risk through swaps, forwards, and NDFs (non-deliverable forwards), among others 
• Structured operations involving structured loans with derivatives 
• Long and mid term investment products issued by Rabobank (CDB, LCA) and National Treasury Bonds

Funding Desk 
The Funding Desk is responsible for the development of customized financial market solutions that meet the specific clients needs.

Rabobank's Global Financial Markets team is also a competence center for research into financial markets, staffed by a team of global analysts and strategists covering macroeconomics, FX, fixed income, credit and agricultural commodities for large customers. This team also publishes periodic research reports detailing activities, trends, and research on commodities.
This area provides our key internal and external clients with meaningful information and analysis to help them with their risk management and investment decisions. Our analysts and strategists are based on our treasury trading rooms, where they engage in an ongoing dialogue with the client desk and negotiations. Although there is a group of products, such as daily, weekly and monthly research reports, the emphasis of the work done by this area is on adding value through meetings and special events, guided tours, and presentations that help our clients.
In Brazil, we have a chief economist, who is responsible for the bank's economic research in the country.