Social and Environmental Policy

Social and Environmental Policy

Through our policy we seek to guarantee the supply of our financial services in a manner consistent with our values and to make a growing contribution to the strengthening of agribusiness and the agribusiness food production chain in Brazil.

Our social and environmental policy defines the social and environmental aspects that are considered to be unacceptable to Rabobank, called exclusion criteria, and which ones we believe can make a contribution, called qualification criteria and best practices.

To guarantee the application of our social and environmental policy and our clients’ commitment to sustainability, we use a risk management system, which we expect to encourage the adoption of best social and environmental practices and to identify exclusion criteria.

We understand social and environmental policy as a dynamic first step towards sustainability. Hence, it is updated periodically based on what has been learned from its application. The policy has been implemented since 2006, and was drawn up after intense research carried out over years and validated with the leading agribusiness companies and farmers in the country. We work very closely with our clients to understand their needs and to pass on the importance of complying with environmental and labor legislation in Brazil and worldwide.

Since the rollout of our policy we have noticed positive results, with improvement in a range of social and environmental indicators for our clients. To make an effective contribution to these improvements, we have created a string of efforts to help them understand social and environmental legislation and apply it properly. In addition, our teams of managers, credit analysts, and technical operation analysts are specially trained on environmental and labor legislation to help our clients in these challenges.