Social projects in the local communities

The projects we support and which have benefitted school age children in the local communities around Brazil’s interior.

Our mission as a bank with cooperative roots is to create value for the local communities we operate in, to contribute to peoples’ welfare through the social development of the region.

Based on this premise, Rabobank’s social investments are made in projects that benefit school age children in cities in the interior of Brazil with important roles in Brazilian agribusiness.

This is why the bank is, in association with the Brazilian government (Lei Rouanet), supporting a theatre project for children that focuses on sustainable agriculture. The play “O Guardião da Agricultura” made a tour in Brazil and is primarily being performed at schools in rural areas. This is because the pupils at these schools can relate first-hand to the reality presented in the play. Relatively smaller Brazilian cities such as Rio Verde, Varginha, Sinop, Querência, Campos de Holambra, Franca and Araxá are also included in the tour.

Rabobank Brazil also supports the “Olhar da Comunidade” project. The initiative allows young people to cultivate observation and life perception, while learning to express themselves throug art and photography. In theoretical and pratical workshops, participants develop a new view on the world around them, The project comes toward out global philosophy of Banking for Food, wich aims to contribute for out planet’s sustainable future. To portray agribusiness thorug photography is an iniciative that make us reflect about the rural producers challenges to feed around nine billion people in 2050. It is in the search for a better future that we recur to art to take a sharper view on rural communities and arouse public consciousness about the importance of the contryside to all of us.