Our differentials

As a bank that specializes in the food and agribusiness sector, Rabobank aims to understand the local needs of our clients with the support of a global network. For us, the important thing is to maintain a partnership and build long term relationships, always backing the sustainable growth of the businesses.

Building long-term partnerships

Cooperative principles make Rabobank operate differently from other banks. We concentrate on adding value through our relationships. This is why Rabobank always works in partnership with the client, adopting a long-term vision necessary to understanding the cycles in the segment.
Our aim is to promote our clients’ sustainable growth, providing support in creating a solid and competitive business. For us stability is more important that the next quarter’s figures.

Focus on Agribusiness

We are a bank with rural origins. The food and agribusiness sector is our business, our origin, and our specialty. This is what we understand. This is why we have a team of specialist professionals who concentrate their efforts on the agricultural sector, sharing their market intelligence with their clients.
We provide personalized service through our managers, who offer a vision of the local and global scenarios, keeping our clients up to date on the latest trends and perspectives for this market, which is so important to the global economy.

Information that benefits our clients

We provide our clients with benefits that go way beyond traditional banking. We share important and essential information for our clients through studies, reports, and events. There are more than 80 researchers in 13 countries dedicated to research and monitoring the main segments in the food and agribusiness sectors. All this is to make the difference in the management of their businesses.

Social and environmental responsibility

In playing an important role in activities linked to the global food and agribusiness sector, we encourage the adoption of best practices related to the environment and to social issues through Rabobank’s social and environmental policy and the Manual of Best Social and Environmental Practices, which contains information on labor and environmental legislation for the farmer. We also promote knowledge in a practical manner, through our Sustainability Field Days on model farms, where our clients can see the ideal way to align their properties with best social and environmental practices.

Global vision and support

When you work with Rabobank, you become part of a large international group dedicated to serving the entire food and agribusiness production chain, in every phase: from production inputs and storage, to processing, exports, and retail.
To do so, we have a large office network around the world and a local, specialized team. We have a presence in 47 countries and have more than 60,000 employees offering the best financial solutions on every continent.
This integrated and global vision of the chain provides clients of Rabobank with a differentiated perspective of the opportunities in the sector.