Rural Banking

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We are a bank focused on agribusiness, with over 110 years’ experience in the area. We have a team made up of professionals specialized in agribusiness, who work directly in the rural environment. We are where farmers are, because we work to provide financial solutions in every phase of production and to be your partner in agribusiness.

By farmers, for farmers

Agribusiness. These are our roots. This is our specialty. This is what we understand.
For over 110 years we have financed global agribusiness, a sector that we understand very well. We came about through a cooperative of farmers, for farmers.
Even today we follow our principles of cooperation, because we know that this is a way to create benefits for everyone involved. We want you to have advantages in your business thanks to this mutual cooperation between financial institution and client. Together we are stronger.

Our team

Rabobank has a wide-ranging network of offices around the world and a team of managers who are dedicated to our local partners in the main agribusiness hubs in Brazil.
These managers bring together Rabobank’s global experience with local knowledge to understand the aims and particularities of your business, in order to offer the best financial solution.
As a farmer, you need a bank that is committed to success. A supplier with the experience and in-depth knowledge to offer financial solutions to a differentiated sector: agribusiness. This is Rabobank.
Learn about our innovative solutions and our range of financial products designed for Brazilian farmers’ needs.

“It's great to be the bearer of products and services that really add value to the business customer.”

Pollyana Saraiva – Relationship Manager Rabobank

Why Rabobank?

Focus on Agribusiness

We are a bank with rural roots. Agribusiness is our origin and our specialty. This is what we understand. This is why we have a team of professionals that are based in the leading agribusiness hubs and who understand the specificities of the regions they work in.

Building long-term partnerships

Rabobank always works in partnership with the client, adopting the long-term vision necessary to understanding the cycles in the segment. In addition, we are concerned about their future, so we set up programs to assist the training of farmers, their families, and even their employees on issues that are essential to their business, such as financial management and governance. For us, stability is more important than the next quarter’s figures.

Information that benefits our clients

We provide our clients with benefits that go way beyond traditional banking services. We share important and essential information for our clients in the form of studies, reports and events about the economy and agribusiness, in addition to personalized attention from our managers. All of this makes the difference in managing your business.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

In playing an important role in activities related to the global food and agribusiness sector, we encourage the adoption of best practices related to the environment and social issues through Rabobank’s Social and Environmental Policy and the Best Social and Environmental Practices Manual, which has information on labor and environmental legislation for you, the farmer. We also provide information in a practical manner through our Sustainability Field Days on model farms, where our clients can see the ideal way to align their properties with social and environmental best practices.

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