Knowledge of Agribusiness

Information that benefits our clients

We provide our clients with benefits that go far beyond traditional banking services. We have a team of specialists that produces analysis about the food sector and agribusiness, giving clients a competitive advantage.

Supporting the development of your business

Our Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory Department (FAR) has a team of analysts that carry out important research in the food and agribusiness sectors. Based on local situations, the team is always supported by Rabobank International’s global network, comprising professionals in 13 countries, which continuously accumulate knowledge in the largest sectors worldwide.
We make our experience available to our clients through studies, reports and events, as we believe that this knowledge helps understand the dynamic local and global markets they operate in. We know that information is a competitive advantage and long-term vision is crucial to success, especially in the food and agribusiness industry.

“With this material we basically decide on all of the company’s growth, the entire trading strategy, and all the performance indicators.”

José Carlos Escobar – Rabobank Client

Our studies and reports

Agri Focus: Strategic market analysis in the food and agribusiness industry, which deals with questions and trends being discussed by the global market.

Agro Info: A quarterly report that offers a perspective on the main Brazilian commodities, and an article that discusses current issues.

Rabobank Fertilizer Report: A study that discusses the key points and perspectives for the international fertilizer market in the short term.

Perspectives for Agribusiness: An annual publication that analyzes the perspectives for the food and agribusiness sector in Brazil always based on global reality.

Meet our team of analysts

Andy Duff
The Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory Department (FAR) manager, Andy is a specialist in the sugar and ethanol sector at Rabobank. He has been with Rabobank since 2001, and worked for six years at Rabobank´s headquarters in the Netherlands, where he developed analyses and support studies for business with clients in the worldwide sugar sector.
In 2007 he moved to Rabobank Brasil, where he is the manager of the research team that follows developments in the largest Brazilian agribusinesses and on global commodities markets. Prior to Rabobank, Andy worked for six years for LMC International, a consultancy that specializes in analyzing agribusiness markets in England.
Andy has a degree in Applied Biology from Cambridge University and a Masters in Agricultural Economics from Reading University.

Jefferson Carvalho
In 2011 Jefferson began his career at Rabobank Brasil, as an agricultural input analyst. In this role he is responsible for research into and analysis of the fertilizer, crop treatment, and seed sectors.
Jefferson spent three years as a Business Intelligence analyst at Dow AgroSciences. In that role he worked actively on various projects related to crop treatment and seed markets. He also worked for three years at the Center for Advanced Studies into Applied Economics (CEPEA) at the University of São Paulo.
Jefferson Carvalho has a degree in Agronomic Engineering from the University of São Paulo (USP).

Renato Rasmussen
Responsible for grain and oilseed market research and analysis, Renato joined the Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory Department (FAR) at Rabobank in Brazil in 2011.
Previously, Renato worked at the University of Illinois and at the National Soybean Research Center (USA) as a post-graduate research assistant in various consulting services involving Brazilian agribusiness for academic and private clients.
Renato has a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of São Paulo, and a Masters in Agricultural and Consumer Economics from the University of Illinois, in Urbana-Champaign (USA).

Andrés Padilla

Andres Padilla is a senior analyst at Rabobank Brasil and works in developing research in beverages and dairy. The Colombian executive is responsible for supporting local banks in executing projects in consultancy and Mergers & Acquisitions. Before joining Rabobank, the executive worked for eight years at Zenith International, acting as director and vice-president, leading market research and consultancy projects. Padilla has a degree in accounting and administration from University of Gloucestershire, in the United Kingdom.

Adolfo Fontes

Adolfo works in developing research in animal protein.Before starting at Rabobank, the executive worked for five years as a market intelligence coordinator for DSM| Tortuga, a leading company in animal nutrition, besides acting in researches and consultancy for other companies. Adolfo also works as a guest professor of market intelligence and consultancy and co-authored the book “Inteligência de Mercado: Conceitos, Ferramentas e Aplicações”, published by Saint Paul Press. The analyst has a degree in Advertising and Marketing from Universidade Paulista and a graduate degree in market intelligence from Universidade de São Paulo. He also has an MBA in economics from Universidade de São Paulo.